SCM Trust Line

An effective mechanism that allows to express concerns about law violations and incompliance with standards and principles of corporate ethics is an important element of transparency and responsibility of a company. 

Our executives and employees follow the principles of business ethics outlined in HOW WE WORK and treat colleagues, partners, shareholders, clients, suppliers, public and governments with honesty and integrity. 

We support the right of any employee or other stakeholder to express concerns about the results of our common goal and report inappropriate actions. This is why we have set up the SCM Trust Line as a feedback channel that gives additional guarantees of SCM's commitment to the highest ethical standards. 

You can report anonymously if you wish so. Anonymous reports registered with the Trust Line are processed similar to other messages, given there is sufficient information for response. 

SCM has a zero tolerance policy for any form of retaliation or reprisals against employees reporting violations. The employees who believe that they are being retaliated against should report to our Trust Line. However, the employees who deliberately report false information will face disciplinary actions up to the termination of employment.

The Trust Line is not designed to receive advice regarding goods or services, provide distance services or handle customer complaints or comments.

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