Vega transforms telecoms business

Vega transforms telecoms business


About 30,000 customers of Vega national telecom operator already enjoy the benefits of high-speed connections and services provided via new fibre-optic lines. This is how many subscribers the company reconnected to fibre optics with the Internet speed of up to 1 Gbit/s in H1 2019 under its project to migrate from TDM to ADSL technology. 

Along with the high-speed Internet, Vega's customers can fully appreciate digital Vega TV featuring a wide range of video content and user-friendly functions. In addition, the company provides mobile Internet access packages for those surfing the web outside their homes. To boost its business opportunities, in H1 2019 Vega upgraded its exchange equipment, put  a new soft switch in operation to provide reliable services to more than one million subscribers, and increased the capacity of trunk channels with DWDM equipment from the global leading producers. The company is not going to remain complacent.

“We plan to reconnect all our subscribers to fibre optics by the end of 2020 and complete our comprehensive modernisation project launched in early 2019. Sometimes service interruptions are inevitable during the migration process, so we plan our work carefully to reduce downtime. We are very glad that our efforts and investments help increase the network reliability, expand the range of services and improve their quality significantly. Thus, our customers enjoy excellent services in the end,” said Yury Shvets, Vega's Commercial Director.

Vega has already channelled more than UAH 13 million in modernisation this year.

Along with the network upgrade, the operator expands its range of available products and offers a lucrative line of pricing plans for services with Internet speed of up to 1 Gb/s.

Vega replaces the outdated equipment and reconnects to fibre optics at no additional cost to its subscribers. The company informs its customers about the opportunities and advantages of new technologies and about the migration procedures prior to installation works.

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