United Coal Company joins efforts with Saving Lives

United Coal Company joins efforts with Saving Lives


United Coal Company, a US-based coal company of Metinvest Group, is raising funds and humanitarian aid in the United States to support Ukrainians affected by the Russian aggression. The donations are transferred to the Do IT Together Foundation of the Saving Lives project.

Since the outbreak of the war, Metinvest Group has faced tough challenges: production facilities were heavily damaged or destroyed, and residents of a number of localities, in particular, the company's employees, were in danger. To prevent a humanitarian crisis, Metinvest has set about helping Ukrainians to pull through.

In concert with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, the company has launched the Saving Lives humanitarian project. Thanks to the support from international partners, efforts of ambassadors of the project, and the donations of private philanthropists to the Do it Together Foundation, Saving Lives has become a quite powerful initiative expanding its scale. In particular, it added the supply of hygiene kits to its primary mission of food provision, and started supplying medicines and consumables to hospitals.

To bring more sources of support for the Saving Lives, Metinvest Group has engaged its international assets, particularly its US-based coking coal company, United Coal Company, operating in three states. In turn, UCC has established the United Coal Foundation (UCF) to raise funds and collect humanitarian aid in the United States to support Metinvest's colleagues and all Ukrainians.


Since inception, the United Coal Foundation managed to raise $322,171 from 74 donors, both ordinary people and businesses.

The United Coal Foundation encourages local and global communities to make donations and provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian civilians affected by the Russian aggression. Since inception, UFC raised $322,171 from 74 donors, both ordinary people and businesses. The funds will be channelled to the Do it Together Foundation for the Saving Lives cause.

"Over the seven months, the whole civilized world has seen how valiantly Ukraine resists its enemies. However, the war effort exhausts the country and its people. That is why the international community is trying in every possible way to support civilians. In particular, our colleagues at United Coal Company have proved that empathy, charity, and care are not just words. They set up a charity foundation, which has already raised over US$300,000 to help Ukrainians. We are grateful for such a significant contribution to the global humanitarian mission of the Saving Lives project."

Yuriy Ryzhenkov, CEO of Metinvest Group

We remind that ALDI, an international chain of German discount supermarkets, has recently partnered with Saving Lives. Thanks to this cooperation, the initiative will buy a big batch of products from the new partner at discount prices, enough to make 50,000 humanitarian aid packages for residents of the front-line areas. In addition, Saving Lives cooperates with Agritrade Ukraine, the Coordination Centre of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. About 100 businesses from all over the world have joined efforts with the initiative since its inception. Their donations to the project have reached €1.7 million.

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