Senior management reshuffle at Media Group Ukraine

Senior management reshuffle at Media Group Ukraine


Yevhen Liashchenko, CEO of Media Group Ukraine, has decided to continue his career outside the group. Yevhen Bondarenko, former operations director at StarLightMedia, will soon take office of the CEO.

Oleksandr Barinov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Media Group Ukraine: “Media Group Ukraine is an unparalleled media holding that consolidates the best assets in relevant segments. We are grateful to Yevhen Liashchenko for building a team of well-versed, creative and victory-focused professionals. He initiated a range of effective changes in the group that helped us meet market challenges, win and cement the leadership. Media Group Ukraine has ambitious short-term development plans in place, and I am confident that the team can implement them.”


CEO of Media Group Ukraine Yevhen Liashchenko: “Over the years of my work in the Group, I have found confirmation that it is possible to build and unite a dream team. With this team, you can make the most daring plans and dreams come true. Under my stewardship, Media Group Ukraine has faced numerous crisis periods, but every time we grew stronger and amazed our colleagues, competitors, and ourselves, proving that nothing was impossible. I thank every member of the team for being by my side at this crucial time of my life. We have made many incredible things together.”

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