The President of Ukraine launched an environmentally friendly Continuous Caster No. 4 worth USD 150 million in Mariupol

The President of Ukraine launched an environmentally friendly Continuous Caster No. 4 worth USD 150 million in Mariupol


The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko visited Iron & Steel Works of Mariupol (MMKI). The Head of State participated in the launch of the new Continuous Caster No. 4. The project does not have equivalents in Ukraine: Metinvest Group's investments totalled USD 150 million.

Continuous Caster No. 4 facility was developed on the basis of the latest available technologies compliant with European environmental standards. This project will increase MMKI's steel smelting capacity by almost 40%. Modern continuous casting equipment will enable steel makers to improve efficiency, product quality, and increase the rate of hot metal conversion to high added value products.

The largest industrial construction project in history of independent Ukraine commenced in September 2016. Over 40 contractor companies took part in the construction of the facility. The number of specialists engaged in the project exceeded 850 people.

Primetals Technologies supplied the equipment for this project. High performance two-strand continuous casting machine, twin ladle-furnace with a modern gas cleaning plant, reverse-osmosis water preparation plant, compensation filter system and heat coordination system (HCS) are already in operation.

The Continuous Caster facility uses one of the most progressive dedusting technologies and a water recycling system for cooling. Gas cleaning equipment is compliant with the environmental requirements of the European Union: Thanks to the top-grade dedusting system, the technology-related environmental burden is minimized.

Commissioning of the modern facility of Continuous Caster No. 4 based on Austrian technologies will allow MMKI to produce 2.5 million of cast slab per year with dimensions of 170-250 mm x 900-1550 mm through partial abolishment of pig iron exports and diversion of the hot metal to high quality steel making. High quality steel exports will bring additional USD 1 billion of foreign currency revenues to Ukraine.

Moreover, the new steel slab making facility created 347 new jobs in Mariupol in Basic Oxygen Furnace Shop and auxiliary shops.

Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine:

"Five years ago it seemed incredible that multi-million investments would come to iron and steel making industry of Donbass. Today, the country is rising in the steel making countries rating. My mission today is not just to take part in the launch of the Continuous Caster at an integrated steel making plant in Mariupol. My duty is to thank the steel makers, residents of Mariupol for the changes taking place in Ukrainian iron and steel making industry, in Mariupol, and in the country. Together, we are bringing the glory of Ukrainian metallurgical industry back."

Yuriy Ryzhenkov, Chief Executive Officer of Metinvest Group:

"Achievement of international environmental standards is the key task for Metinvest Group today. We invest in environmental modernization of our production enterprises. The launch of Continuous Caster No. 4 at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol means further development for Mariupol and a new page in the history of Ukrainian iron and steel making industry. This large-scale project will ensure a clean production and new jobs, additional foreign currency revenues amounting to approximately USD 1 billion for the country, and guaranteed prospects to the industry, the region and the city."

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