Lemtrans reviews 2019 performance

Lemtrans reviews 2019 performance


In 2019, Lemtrans continued to cement its positions in the key business areas.

Lemtrans transported 52,479,000 tonnes of various cargoes by rail in 2019, up by 0.69% year on year. Coal and iron ore accounted for the biggest share of shipped cargo, with coal transportation seeing the biggest growth. In particular, the company carried 23.44 million tonnes of coal and 16.52 million tonnes of iron ore against 21.24 million tonnes of coal and 16.13 million tonnes of iron ore in 2018. Notably, Lemtrans moved 2.2% less ferrous metals, 26.4% less coke and 29.06% less flux.

"In 2019, we transported more than last year, but mainly thanks to increasing our rail car fleet. The fundamental problems of the industry are yet to be solved. The transportation issues are directly linked to the shortage of locomotives and the infrastructure maintenance personnel, along with slower rail car turnaround times across Ukraine," said Volodymyr Mezentsev, Lemtrans CEO. "Like any other Ukrainian railroad company, Lemtrans cares about development of infrastructure and high-speed operations and is keen to see private locomotives on the railways of Ukrzaliznytsia."


The total capital investment amounted to more than UAH 1.25 billion in 2019. The capital investment grew from UAH 665 million to UAH 1.25 billion, up by over 69% year on year, with the main focus still on expansion of the rolling stock fleet. In 2019, Lemtrans decided to purchase 1,107 cars while continuing to implement its large-scale investment programme aimed at better efficiency and productivity of its car repair facilities.


The company's car repair arm demonstrated a traditionally positive dynamic. Thus, Lemtrans made scheduled repairs of 6,904 freight cars at production sites over 12 months of 2019.

The car repair facilities kept operating at full throttle over the year, which warranted a 3.5% increase in scheduled repairs year on year to 6,904 freight cars.

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