Focus on energy independence: DTEK produced over 11m tonnes of coal in H1 2019

Focus on energy independence: DTEK produced over 11m tonnes of coal in H1 2019


DTEK Energy produced 11 million tonnes of coal out of 15 million tonnes extracted in Ukraine in H1 2019. At its thermal power plants, the company almost replaced imported anthracite with domestic coal, which is key to the national energy security.

The load on the electricity grid increases during heat waves when air conditioning is on across the country. During peak hours, the stability of the power supply depends on the load following capacities of TPPs that can always feed electricity into the grid and ensure that the country faces no blackouts. Thermal power plants run on coal, therefore it is critically important not to rely on supplies from abroad. DTEK Energy produces around two million tonnes of thermal coal for Ukrainian TPPs monthly.

“DTEK’s miners continue to account for a major share of coal production in the country. Our contribution to the country's energy self-sufficiency becomes especially important during higher loads on the electricity grid. We understand it and make every effort to provide the required amount of coal”, said Mikhail Barabash, DTEK Energy's Coal Production Director.

In mid-July, DTEK’s TPPs kept about 1 million tonnes of coal in stock, and these stocks will continue growing. The company is going to produce over 23 million tonnes of coal by the year end to maintain the grid stability in the coming winter.

DTEK continues to implement its programme to reduce Ukraine’s dependence on imported coal. The programme comprises three steps. Step 1: Power units should start using thermal coal instead of anthracite. Step 2: TPPs will fire coal extracted in Ukraine. Step 3: Existing thermal power generation facilities will be upgraded to maintain their efficient and uninterrupted operations.

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