DTEK presents its vision of Ukraine's energy transformation at the 4th German-Ukrainian Business Forum

DTEK presents its vision of Ukraine's energy transformation at the 4th German-Ukrainian Business Forum


DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko spoke at the 4th German-Ukrainian Business Forum in Berlin, emphasizing the need for closer international cooperation in areas such as green energy, technological innovation and clean hydrogen in order to achieve key climate goals.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. The forum has become an important platform for strengthening cooperation between Ukraine and Germany, particularly in the energy sector. During the conference, international experts, government officials and business leaders discussed the Energy Partnership’s key priorities, including the integration of Ukraine's energy markets into ENTSO-E; increasing energy security; decarbonising the economy; exchanging innovations in energy technologies; implementing joint projects in the area green energy; the digitalisation of energy infrastructure; and establishment of a modern energy system.

Maxim Timchenko took part in the panel discussion ‘The Green Deal: Modern solutions in the energy sector’, which focused on the introduction of new technologies and business models for decarbonisation, and achieving the EU and Ukraine’s climate goals.

“In 2020, DTEK presented its new 2030 strategy, which clearly defines our goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2040. To do this, we are leveraging the benefits of partnerships and international cooperation, and have already initiated high-tech pilot projects that will transform Ukraine's energy sector in its entirety in accordance with the EU’s Green Deal plans”, said Maxim Timchenko, CEO of DTEK.

The global energy sector is undergoing an unprecedented period of transformation, as energy systems based on fossil fuels are being converted to further integrate renewable energy sources. Ukraine is able to successfully undergo this process. This will allow the country to remain a competitive player in the energy world and confirm its status as a reliable partner to the EU. In August 2020, a joint intergovernmental statement was signed between Ukraine and Germany on the launch of the Energy Partnership.

Today, DTEK is a leader in the implementation of innovations and modern technologies in Ukraine's energy sector, namely energy storage systems and the production of green hydrogen.

In expanding the energy cooperation between Ukraine and Germany, DTEK and a German technology company are in talks regarding a potential hydrogen pilot project in the South-East of Ukraine. The business case is currently under evaluation.

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