DTEK presents its New Strategy until 2030

DTEK presents its New Strategy until 2030


DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko has presented the company's long-term development strategy until 2030, whereby DTEK commits to transforming itself into a greener, more efficient and technological business. By implementing this strategy, DTEK will massively contribute to the Ukrainian and European decarbonisation. 

DTEK's New Strategy 2030 is based on the ESG principles (Environmental, Social, Governance), respects the core business values and seeks to meet the relevant public needs, follows the global energy trends and Ukraine's development vectors, all of which define the company's future for the next ten years.   

According to the strategy, in the next decade DTEK is going to focus on projects in gas production, renewables, trading, and distribution networks. The company plans to further cultivate open innovation and complete the digital transformation of business to become a digital enterprise by year 2025+. These processes will be supported by automation of production, innovations across the entire value creation chain, extensive application of cutting-edge digital technologies and AI solutions. 

The strategy highlights the increasing role of client in the decision-making process of the company and a stronger customer-centric focus of DTEK business. DTEK plans to evolve from an energy supplier into a solution provider and integrator of new technologies.

Maxim Timchenko, DTEK's Chief Executive Officer: "Over 15 years DTEK has invested $11.9 billion in energy and sustainable development. This has facilitated the growth of production and social development of the regions where DTEK Group businesses operate. Currently the energy sector is being reshaped by global trends. We are continually transforming our business and set new ambitious goals to maintain our leadership in the competitive electricity market. As a business we believe that our objective is to offer modern services and energy efficient solutions to our clients. As a national investor we now declare our readiness to help Ukraine transform the energy sector to ensure its further development, in tandem with European energy sector.

DTEK has plans for an international expansion: active development of renewables and trading in the EU. 

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