DTEK Oil&Gas produced 1.66bn m3 of gas in 2019

DTEK Oil&Gas produced 1.66bn m3 of gas in 2019


DTEK Oil&Gas produced 1.66bn m3 of natural gas in 2019, up by 0.66% year on year, which broke the record both for the company and private gas production sector of Ukraine.

The company managed to step up production as it commissioned new high-rate deep wells and kick-started the takeup of innovative technologies. In 2019, DTEK Oil&Gas began construction of six new wells, of which three had been drilled in record time. It engaged in a new drilling programme at Machukhske field known for its significant gas production potential at depths of over 6 km, which requires one-of-a-kind technological solutions because of abnormally high pressures and temperatures.

Also, the company invested heavily in construction of the boosting compressor stations at Semyrenkivske field to stabilise gas production at the mature facilities in 2019. Digitalisation and innovative approaches taken by DTEK Oil&Gas helped reduce the time for drilling deep wells to 3.5 months and improve the efficiency of field development.

Last year, DTEK Oil&Gas expanded its asset portfolio, thus contributing to further growth of its resource potential and gas production. The company won Ukraine’s first open e-auction to obtain a special permit for exploration of Svitankovo-Lohivsky site. In addition, it won the competition for the product sharing agreement on Zinkivska site.

Igor Schurov, CEO of DTEK Oil&Gas: “Despite the global market conditions and a big drop in gas prices, we continue to make systemwide investments in Ukrainian gas production. Thus, we channelled more than UAH 3 billion in 2019. We managed to reach an all-time peak in production, as we introduced innovative technologies across the entire production chain, from geological exploration and well drilling to modern infrastructure construction. We’re going to continue to step up drilling and production. This year, we’re planning to commission at least six new deep wells, which will contribute significantly to Ukraine’s energy security.”

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