Ukraine’s President takes part in the launch of wind turbines at Prymorska Wind Farm

Ukraine’s President takes part in the launch of wind turbines at Prymorska Wind Farm


Petro Poroshenko has taken part in a ceremony to launch wind turbines at Prymorska Wind Farm in Zaporizhia Oblast. With this wind farm in operation Ukraine will be able to increase the annual “green” energy production by 650-700 million kW/h. This will help move Ukraine closer to its strategic aim of diversifying the energy sources and strengthening its energy independence. 

“Innovative modernisation of the energy sector is of critical importance to us. I clearly understand that it is a challenging and multi-dimensional objective. Still, we have to do it. We have seen already that traditional approaches to energy sector have stalled. New energy is one of the priority issues to move the country forward. Following this path we should increase the share of renewable energy resources in the energy balance. It is important that business supports this position and that investors trust Ukraine and its future and that they are ready to invest in the energy of the future,” stated the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

The President also said that Ukraine can use its powerful energy infrastructure to obtain “visa-free energy regime” and become a major exporter of energy to Europe.

Fifty-two GE wind turbines of 3.8 MW capacity will be installed at Prymorska Wind Farm. The first phase of the wind farm is located in Prymorsky district, Zaporizhia Oblast, and the second phase of the farm is based in Pryazovsky district. The final delivery of Prymorska Wind Farm is scheduled before October 2019. After all the works are completed Prymorska Wind Farm will produce 200 MW to Ukraine’s power grid due to strong winds at its location.

“The launch of the first phase of Prymorska Wind Farm confirms our commitment to increasing the investment in renewables. An increasing share of “green” energy in the country will contribute to the balanced and environmentally friendly energy mix as prescribed by Ukraine Energy Strategy. Jointly with our project team, we are delighted to develop successful partnerships with the government and the region to boost the nation’s energy security,” said DTEK Renewables CEO Philipp Leckebusch.

The project has faced many challenges on its way. Construction preparations started as far back as 2011, and active works were scheduled for 2013-2014. However, the hard economic and political times the country faced then suspended the project, which was resumed in 2016.

In early 2018, DTEK Renewables signed a contract with General Electric to supply, install, and maintain 26 wind turbines for the first stage of Prymorska Wind Farm. In October 2018, the company made another contract for the second stage. 

Today Prymorska is a platform for energy innovations. The facility operates Ukraine’s first digital substation. 

“The construction of Prymorska Wind Farm demonstrates the professionalism, in-depth technology expertise and commitment to innovations shown by all parties to the project where partnership is a backbone. Therefore, we are grateful to our partner, DTEK, for their confidence and support. This project is a major step towards renewable resources and is powered by world-class technologies. GE is proud to join DTEK in efforts to make this major step into the future,” said Viacheslav Feklin, Ukraine Country Manager at General Electric

DTEK Renewables will invest about €300 million in Prymorska. The facility is designed to generate 650-700 million kWh of “green” energy annually. This is enough to supply electricity to about 350,000 Ukrainian households. The wind power plant will reduce CO2 emissions by 700,000 tonnes a year. 

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