DTEK Group receives two Eco-Oscars for systematic and consistent environmental activities

DTEK Group receives two Eco-Oscars for systematic and consistent environmental activities


Two DTEK Group subsidiaries, DTEK Grids and DTEK Oil&Gas, were awarded for integrating and implementing environmental measures in their ongoing commercial activities. The awards were received during the Ukrainian ECOtransformation-2020 forum, which is in its third year and brings together stakeholders and market actors who adopt "green" technologies and progressive eco-strategies to comply with legislation in the field of environmental protection and rational use of resources.

DTEK Grids was awarded for the ‘preservation of biodiversity at the company's enterprises’. Environmental experts have recognized DTEK Grids' efforts in preserving the white stork population in Ukraine. The company has installed 237 special protective structures in five regions of the country to protect birds' nests from electric shock. DTEK Grids’ experience confirms that the conservation of biological diversity is not only possible in nature reserves, but also in urban areas.

DTEK Oil&Gas, which produces natural gas using innovative technologies at every stage of production, received the award for ‘innovation and introduction of new technologies’.

The company’s responsible attitude to the environment, labor protection and industrial safety is a key company principle. Investments in innovations means that DTEK Oil&Gas is not only able to increase gas production and enhance Ukraine's energy independence, but it can do so with minimal impact on the environment.

“The strategic goal of the DTEK Group is to introduce modern technologies and best practices to minimize the impact of production on the environment and to preserve biodiversity. To this end, all DTEK investment projects have a sustainable development component. It is very gratifying and inspiring that the experts have praised our efforts. We are confident that every year companies will increasingly seek to make more responsible investments. After all, the positive impact that any commercial project has on the local people, community and territory is an important aspect of the success of modern business and its support by customers and citizens", said Director of sustainable development at DTEK Oleksandr Kucherenko.

Biodiversity preservation is in line with the principles of the UN Global Compact, to which the DTEK Group is a signatory. As a responsible business, DTEK has integrated the UN Sustainable Development Goals into its ESG strategy.

ECOtransformation-2020 aims to promote the formation of a new system of value, in addition to support the leaders of the business community, who, despite facing economic difficulties, continue to concern themselves with the environment and implement the principles of sustainable development.

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