Lemtrans reviews 2018 performance

Lemtrans reviews 2018 performance


In 2018, Lemtrans transported 52.122 million tonnes of various cargoes by rail, up by 0.43% year on year.

Coal and iron ore accounted for the biggest share of shipped cargo, with coal transportation seeing the biggest growth. In particular, the company carried 21.24 million tonnes of coal and 16.13 million tonnes of iron ore against 19.35 million tonnes of coal and 19.30 million tonnes of iron ore in 2017. Lemtrans shipped 7.45 million tonnes of ferrous metals (a 21.7% growth vs 6.12 million tonnes in 2017), 3.02 million tonnes of coke (a 2.43% increase vs 2.95 million tonnes in 2017) and 3.30 million tonnes of fluxes (vs 3.50 million tonnes in 2017).

Performance of infrastructure support assets

The company’s repair assets demonstrated continuous improvement in their key operations. Thus, Lemtrans repaired 6,453 freight cars at production sites last year.


In 2018, Lemtrans continued rolling out a large-scale investment programme to acquire new rolling stock and boost the efficiency of its fleet. To this end, the company channelled over UAH 665 million. The capital investment grew from UAH 562 to UAH 665 million, up by 18% year on year.  Also, the investment project envisaged the upgrade and expansion of production car-repair facilities.

“In 2018, the shipping market did not grow because of the problems with the locomotives. Today, the industry is waiting for some comprehensive solutions to move on: reforms, adoption of the law on rail transport, and stronger public-private partnership,” said Volodymyr Mezentsev, Lemtrans CEO. “Our 2018 performance shows that we improved our 2017 results by streamlining costs and reducing the downtime for cargo handling thanks to our effective comprehensive action plan,” he went on to say.

In 2018, Lemtrans maintained its leading positions among private rail operators, both in terms of the car quantity and freight traffic.

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