UMG INVESTMENTS is an investment company focused on development of portfolio businesses with high growth potential. UMG Investments, previously known as United Minerals Group, was established by SCM in 2006 to manage assets in resource-based industries. Since its establishment, UMG Investments has expanded its scope of operations and changed its business model, from a managing company to an investment business. Currently, UMG Investments has portfolio companies in three fields: mining, by-product and production waste management, and industrial goods and services. The company plans to expand these operations and search for new investment opportunities. The market value of assets managed by UMG Investments exceeds US$ 500 million.

  • The mining portfolio includes VESCO Group and Novotroitske Ore Mining. VESCO group, a leading clay manufacturer and exporter includes VESCO, Druzhkivka Ore Mining, Vognetryvnerud, and Chasov-Yar Refractory Works. Novotroitske Ore Mining is among Ukraine's largest limestone producers.
  • The by-product and production waste management portfolio includes Recycling Solutions that manages the recoverable resources for coal, coke, steel, and thermal power industries of Ukraine.
  • The portfolio of industrial Goods and Services is represented by INTECH, which focuses on the production of industrial goods and services, provides railway logistics solutions, and offers commercial expert review of business projects in various sectors.

Investment approach

UMG Investments invests through equity participation (M&A), development of a business from scratch (greenfield) and partnerships with third parties (joint ventures). The company looks for potential investment targets in agro-processing, healthcare, light industry, and ICT sectors. It prefers to manage an equity stake, which allows it to influence the strategy of the portfolio asset and the key operating decisions. UMG Investments is ready to join efforts with other investors and partners sharing the strategy to pursue attractive investment opportunities. 

Investment criteria

  • Target investment in equity: US$ 2-30 million.
  • Minimum IRR: - 25%.
  • Payback period: 5-7 years.
  • Potential for organic growth of business and/or growth through M&A.
  • Active engagement in the development of businesses, even if the company has a minority shareholding.
  • The management team with a proven track record in the respective area or willingness to accept assistance to build such team.
Andrey Gorokhov
Andrey Gorokhov

As a local investor, we have a clear understanding of the market and are confident that there are attractive investment projects and industries in Ukraine that need private funds. Eight-fold growth in the value of assets under management since 2006 allows us to assert that we have enough management experience to expand the investment portfolio and to further grow our portfolio companies.




12b, per. Bekhterevskiy, Kyiv 04053, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (044) 590-64-44

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