PORTINVEST Holding is primarily responsible for strategic management of transportation assets of SCM and implementation of new investment projects; provision and management of transportation services.

PORTINVEST creates best opportunities for Ukrainian and international companies to manage efficiently the transport potential of Ukraine.

The holdings includes:

  • Portinvest Logistics
  • Sea Terminal Yuzhniy
  • Sea Terminal Mariupol
    Aleksandr Smirnov
    Aleksandr Smirnov
    CEO of Portinvest

    PORTINVEST is a rapidly developing group of companies. We strive to build a strong business in line with the best international practices. At the same time, we are well aware that investment in the port sector should be long-term and carefully planned out with a reasonable balance of interests between business and government, as well as between environmental and social aspects.


    Head office
    Velyka Vasylkivska str., 77-A, Kyiv 03150, Ukraine
    Tel.: +38 (044) 239-18-76
    email: office@portinvest.com.ua

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