Media Group Ukraine

Media holding Media Group Ukraine is a managing company running TV, publishing, print and new media projects of SCM.

The strategic goal of Media Group Ukraine is to create an integrated system where all its assets compliment one another.

The holding is a professional investor in the media industry of Ukraine and develops the following areas: broadcasting, production, advertisment sales and sponsorship, interactive digital TV and new media.

Media Group Ukraine's assets are:

  • Ukraina TV channel
  • NLO TV entertainment channel for young people
  • Indigo TV thematic channel
  • Futbol 1 / 2 / 3 thematic football TV channels also broadcasted in HD quality
  • nationwide information TV channel Ukraine 24
  • Donbas, Channel 34 and Sigma TV regional channels
  • satellite service provider Xtra TV
  • OTT platform OLL.TV
  • international TV channels Ukraine 1/ Ukraine 2, NLO TV 1/ NLO TV 2
  • Tele Pro and Dopomozhemo TV production companies
  • Media Partnership Buying full service media agency
  • SEGODNYA multimedia platform - Segodnya TV news and website
  • cross-platform project Vogue.UA
Yevgeniy Bondaryenko
Yevgeniy Bondaryenko
Media Group Ukraine CEO

Media Group Ukraine is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year! Indeed, we are very young compared with some of our other assets. For instance, Ukraina Channel has already reached its 25-year milestone. Over these years, we have managed to become a large-scale multimedia business. The Group operates nearly in all segments of the media market: TV, production, digital and print media. We produce, distribute and monetise the content, both inside and outside Ukraine. People from 100 countries watch our programmes and series in different languages.

Media market today is more than just being quick and ready for changes and innovations on a daily basis. It is also a huge responsibility to our viewers and readers. I am confident that responsibility means striving to build long-term business relationships, thinking of the future of a company, clients and the country. Media Group Ukraine team creates the best media projects for the sake of the future.


Media Group Ukraine

B.Khmelbitskogo St. 52, Kiev, 01030, Ukraine
Tel: +380 44 435 8189

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