HarvEast Holding

HarvEast Holding was established in 2011.

Business areas: agricultural production, seed farming and animal husbandry.

Ownership structure: SCM Group and Smart Holding Group.

HarvEast's core businesses evolved from agricultural assets of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol:

  • HARVEAST DONBAS — crop rearing and animal husbandry
  • HARVEAST IRRIGATION SEEDS — irrigation management, seed farming and gardening projects
  • HARVEAST LOGISTICS — transportation of produce
  • HARVEAST REMSERVIS — machinery and equipment repairs

Business areas:

  • crop raising, farmland of over 97,000 ha (winter wheat, sunflower, legumes, perennial grasses, corn)
  • animal husbandry — cattle stock (over 4,000 animals)
  • other core assets (compound feed production and seed farming).

Geography span: Donetsk Oblast

Dmitriy Skornyakov
Dmitriy Skornyakov
Chief Executibe Officer of HarvEast

Seven years ago, we had a lot of collective farms and a dire financial situation because of their unprofitability. 

Three years ago, we overcame the consequences of the armed conflict in Donbas. 

HarvEast has dealt with all the difficulties, coped with all the challenges and is looking to the future with confidence. Today, we continue to upgrade our facilities. We are the only business that launches high-performance irrigation systems in Donetsk Oblast. Our prospects lie in the development of seed farming and technologies for growing niche crops. Our success comes from the production of milk of the highest quality and from a pivotal change in attitude towards farming opportunities in the southern Ukraine. We help to encourage change in the port infrastructure of Mariupol. Our partners are the global leaders such as Lactalis, Maisadour, Euralis and Pioneer. We have gained a reputation of a reliable partner that meets its obligations under any circumstances.

Despite the difficulties we faced, we have always been a socially responsible business that engages in the development of local communities. In 2018, HarvEast has implemented more than 50 social projects in healthcare, education, infrastructure, culture and sports. 

Our disposition is about constant progress, and we move forward towards new goals and new business horizons.



15th floor, 72, Velyka Vasylkivska str.,
Kyiv 03680, Ukraine
Tel: +38 044 300 1072


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