ASKA is one of the leaders and pioneers of the insurance market development in Ukraine. Over 28 years of operations, the company has proven that the Ukrainian insurance business can be reliable, and insurance services can be affordable and useful. Following its 2017 performance, ASKA is among the top 20 best Ukrainian insurers by payouts in agricultural insurance, medical insurance, property insurance, hull insurance and Green Card insurance for those going abroad. 

Overall, the company holds licenses for 19 voluntary lines of insurance and 20 compulsory lines. ASKA ranks 11th in the general Insurance TOP 2017 ranking by payouts to clients.

Today the company is:

  • a full member of the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine
  • a founder of the Ukrainian Environmental Insurance Pool
  • the leader of the Ukrainian Agriculture Insurance Pool
  • a founder of the Ukrainian Agrarian Insurance Bureau
  •  founder of the Nuclear Insurance Pool of Ukraine
  • a Board member of the League of Insurance Companies of Ukraine
  • a participant of the information exchange organised by the Ukrainian Federation of Insurance.

ASKA’s insurance portfolio is guaranteed by agreements with the world’s leading reinsurers. Its customers include more than 75,000 nationals of Ukraine and hundreds of businesses from various industries and sectors.

In September 2018, Expert Rating Committee confirmed the financial stability rating of ASKA at uaAA on a national scale (a very high level of financial stability).

The company’s mission has remained unchanged for many years – Reliable Company Close to People. We will be happy to see you among our customers and partners.

Andriy Shukatko
Andriy Shukatko
Chief Executive Officer, ASKA

Over many years of work in insurance, I have learned the most important thing: all long-term and sincere relationships are built on absolute and mutual trust and openness. This is a key principle that has guided me in taking tough decisions: promise what you can deliver and be absolutely honest with your partners, colleagues and subordinates.

ASKA Insurance Company

5, Aviakonstruktora Antonova st.
Kyiv, 03186 Ukraine
Tel.: +38 044 520 22 20

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